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“One Little Pill” Documentary and the C3 Foundation

My most excellent friend and colleague, Claudia Christian, has created the C3 Foundation (aka C Three Foundation) and is trying to raise funds to shoot a documentary called “One Little Pill“, which will take the audience on Claudia’s personal journey through alcohol treatments and as she meets the men who saved her life – Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Roy Eskapa. The documentary will also meet some of the people Claudia has introduced to The Sinclair Method (TSM) and will share their struggles and their successes with TSM.  She will be filming in London and Helsinki and will share her adventures with us.

C3 Foundation Logo

The C3 Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping those who struggle with alcohol dependency and to educate people about the little known, yet very effective Sinclair Method, a medical treatment that saved Claudia’ life!  She is determined to promote TSM to the best of her ability with the dream of building clinics that will provide counseling and medication to alcoholics as well as an extensive education system filled with resources for doctors and therapists.

Donations are gladly accepted via the C3 Foundation website or via the “One Little Pill” Fundly Campaign webpage.

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Claudia Christian Remembers her friend & co-star, Jeff Conaway

Claudia Christian remembers her friend Jeff Conaway from Diana Lundin on Vimeo.

Actress Claudia Christian, who starred in "Babylon 5," remembers her friend and co-star Jeff Conaway, who died in 2011 after long struggles with addiction. Christian recently wrote her memoir "Babylon Confidential."

Claudia Christian and “The Sinclair Method”

Claudia Christian and The Sinclair Method from Diana Lundin on Vimeo.

Author of “Babylon Confidential,” actress Claudia Christian explains the Sinclair Method and why she is working to publicize it as a cure for alcoholism.

Claudia Christian Describes the Sinclair Method.

Actress Claudia Christian, author of the newly published memoir “Babylon Confidential,” talks about how the Sinclair Method cured her of her alcohol addiction.

Claudia Christian Gives a Voice to a Cure

Giving Voice to a Cure — Claudia Christian from Diana Lundin on Vimeo.

Actress Claudia Christian tells why she became involved with helping the Sinclair Method become a recognizable option for curing alcoholism. Her memoir “Babylon Confidential” is available November 6, 2012.