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TravelDudesTV: A Taste of Tunisia with Movenpick Resort and Marine Spa

LindsayMC gets a taste of local Tunisian life and food in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Sousse Medina and checks out the culinary culture of Movenpick Resort and Marine Spa.

HonlPhoto: Behind-the-Scenes of “Steampunk Portrait”

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Check out another wonderful new lighting video with my friend, photographer David Honl, and the always hilarious, Claudia Christian. David explains the set-up for a Steampunk-themed portrait shoot in his studio using the Honl Photo Professional Lighting System. This video, along with “Astronaut & Cavegirl,” another HonlPhoto how-to video, was written and produced by Joel Metzger (The Outer Limits, Xena: Warrior Princess, Sliders), the mastermind behind Hothouse Bruiser.

TravelDudesTV: Defining Luxury at Movenpick Resort and Marine Spa

LindsayMC explores the many facets of luxury from adventure to relaxation in Sousse, Tunisia with Movenpick.

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TravelDudesTV: Whale Watching, Snorkeling in Frederick Sound and Diving into Alaskan Microbrews

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TravelDudesTV: Camping and Pondering Important Life Questions in Alaska

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