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Are you watching Elizabeth Mitchell on Once Upon a Time?

I hope you are because Elizabeth Mitchell (Gia, The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Claus, The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause, E.R., Frequency, Lost, V, and Revolution) is chillingly awesome as the latest misunderstood big-bad on the latest season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Elizabeth plays the Snow Queen, a new character based out of the Frozen Disney franchise.  She brings a new twist to the small, tight-knit town of Storybrooke, Maine and her portrayal of is refreshingly sly, unique, and fun.

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights on ABC TV.  Check your local TV listings for the appropriate time and channel in your area.


About Once Upon a Time (courtesy of abc.go.com):

This is Fairy Tale Land. It’s filled with magic, monsters and all of the characters we all know from stories growing up. It’s real, and so are the people in it. But unlike the “happily ever after” you may have heard about, their stories continued, and The Evil Queen cast a Dark Curse over the land….

This is Storybrooke. It’s a quiet, little, New England town filled with people who go about their everyday lives with no idea who they really are. The Queen’s Curse has trapped them here and placed her in near-complete control. They have no real memories and no real hope.

Once Upon A Time is, at its core, a story about hope.

“For us, that’s what a fairy tale is. It’s that ability to think your life will get better. It’s why you buy a lottery ticket—because if you win you get to tell your boss that you’re quitting and you get to move to Paris or wherever and be who you always wanted to be. And that’s Cinderella, right? One day she’s sweeping up and the next she’s going to the ball. Adam and I just wanted to write about something hopeful that for one hour a week allows one to put everything aside and have that feeling that your dreams just may come true.”
– Edward Kitsis, Co-Creator/Executive Producer


Another interview with “Revolution” star Elizabeth Mitchell and talk about tonights’ episode.


The Cast of Revolution

Elizabeth Mitchell is about to give Revolution a major jolt.

After last week’s record-breaking premiere, NBC’s drama about a post-blackout world returns tonight with an episode that includes some tasty twists involving Mitchell’s presumed-dead character, Rachel. “There are some major things that happen that take everything and turn it on its ear,” Mitchell tells us. “And at the end of the episode is a massive reveal. It’s huge.”

Leave it to Mitchell to give good tease. She is, after all, a woman with plenty of practice, having spent four seasons on Lost as fan-fave fertility doc Juliet, a role that ultimately earned her an Emmy nomination.

Now, more than two years after that feverishly dissected drama wrapped, the actress is clearly thrilled to be starring in another big-budget, high-concept mystery from executive producer J.J. Abrams. “They’re my favorite because they’re so romantic in the way that I like to be romantic,” she says. “Things are lush and amazing, and it just feels like there’s an element of anything can happen. That’s my favorite stuff to do.”

Thankfully, there will be more for the actress—who appeared only briefly in the pilot via flashbacks—to do starting tonight. (C’mon, you didn’t really think Abrams and Revolution creator Eric Kripke would hire EMitch for a role that wasn’t major, did you?) Look for a pivotal sequence that takes place shortly after the blackout occurred 15 years ago in which Rachel and hubby Ben (Tim Guinee) decide to pack up kids Charlie and Danny and hit the road. First pit stop: Ben’s lab, where the plugged-in scientist picks up a few things. (Hmmm…might those things hold clues to what caused the world’s power to go out? And perhaps shed light on how to turn it back on?) Along the way, they run into a drifter who threatens the Matheson-family food supply. “My character has a huge split-second decision to make,” reveals Mitchell, “and it’s gonna be interesting to see which way she goes on it.”

Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson in Revolution

Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson in Revolution

If that sounds a little ominous, it should. According to Mitchell, Rachel will be one complicated, morally ambiguous chick: “What we discover in [tonight’s] episode is she will do anything to protect her kids. I mean anything. She’ll sacrifice her moral integrity and everything she is to keep her kids safe. And she will sacrifice anyone else.”

Expect Mama Bear Matheson to be a noticeable departure from the über-capable women Mitchell has become known for recently, thanks to both Lost and ABC’s V, in which she played an alien-battling FBI agent. “I don’t think I’ve created this vulnerable of a character in a long time,” she says. “She’s in a really difficult situation, and she doesn’t always make the right choices. Some of it’s gonna be infuriating to watch. I turned to [costar] Giancarlo [Esposito] today and I was like, ‘Women are gonna be infuriated by this!'”

Women are probably also going to be jealous of Mitchell’s character after tonight. “The guys that I get to work with [in the episode] are just so freakin’ cute!” says the woman who got to romance both Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Jack (Matthew Fox) on Lost. “Have you noticed that I’m always with the most beautiful men you’ve ever seen? And they have to talk to me because it says so in the script!”

And we’ve got a couple of more spoilers for you. (You’re welcome!) Tonight’s episode introduces a new fierce femme, Nora (One Tree Hill’s Daniella Alonso), who’s a rebel fighter against the militia that kidnapped Rachel’s son, and Charlie’s (Tracy Spiridakos) brother Danny (Graham Rogers).

Elizabeth Mitchell, Morgan Hinkleman, and Tim Guiee in Revolution (Photo courtesy: John Domoney/NBC)

Original interview by Shawna Malcolm and courtesy of E! Online (Note: Some unrelated content has been edited by DBK.)

Elizabeth Mitchell stars in “Revolution” – Premieres Tonight on NBC!

Here’s a great new interview with Elizabeth Mitchell, former “LOST” and “V” star, who now appears on another J.J. Abrams soon-to-be-cult-followed TV series!


Elizabeth Mitchell is ready for a Revolution.

The actress, best known for her turns as Juliet on Lost and Erica on V, is sticking with the genre that’s treated her well with NBC’s high-profile post-apocalyptic drama about a world where there is no electricity. For Mitchell, who has played strong-willed female characters, her small-screen persona on Revolution will be a stark change.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson in Revolution

Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson in Revolution

As Rachel, described as a beautiful and warm parent who’s terrified of the ordeal her children will face as they navigate the dystopian world, Mitchell is aware of the inherent challenges. “Being vulnerable and being able to be hurt, possibly repeatedly, is fascinating to me — and very difficult,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Mitchell spoke to THR about moving on from Lost and V, where Revolutio is headed and coming into the series later than usual.

THR: How would you describe Rachel?

Elizabeth Mitchell: Maternal and intelligent. What I liked about her is she’s spectacularly non-equipped to deal with the world that’s coming towards her and I love that. After six years of playing intensely, physically-capable women, it was fun to start someone from scratch, someone who is soft — just in what she’s done and what she’s seen. I loved the idea of an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation. It was something I hadn’t done in a long time. There’s a lot of vulnerability that comes from not being able to protect yourself.

THR: You’ve played strong women for the past several years on television. Was there a specific challenge for you to get into a completely different mindset with Revolution?

Mitchell: You always want to be the strongest person in the room because it gives you the power of not being hurt. Being vulnerable and being able to be hurt, possibly repeatedly, is fascinating to me — and very difficult. To have myself be at the mercy of the people I’m surrounded with, at first, is interesting. Like with any kind of clay, which is what you start with when you start with any character like this, I have no idea what she’ll be molded into. I’m starting to get an idea but as it is now, what would you do if everything suddenly went crazy?

THR: Have you been surprised by the direction Revolution is going toward?

Elizabeth Mitchell and Tim Guinee in Revolution

Elizabeth Mitchell and Tim Guinee in Revolution

Mitchell: The violence is fascinating to me because I don’t have a violent mind. I’m kind of a peace-loving creature. [Laughs] I don’t think that it’s inaccurate, I think that it’s true. In any utopian society, there comes this quest and/or desire for some sort of violence. In all of the ideas that people have put forth, war games end up in there somewhere. Plus we get to see sword fights.

THR: Have the writers shared information to you about where Rachel is going that others may not be privvy to?

Mitchell: Executive producer Eric [Kripke]’s been great about answering questions about why my character is doing things. He’ll tell me the endgame for my character and/or why it is the way that she is. There are some things that I know but they are very character-specific. I really don’t know why the power went off. [Laughs] But I do know things about her, which are intriguing.

THR: You came into Revolution a little later than the other cast members. Can you speak to taking the place of Andrea Roth?

Elizabeth Mitchell stars in Revolution

Elizabeth Mitchell stars in Revolution

Mitchell: First of all, you feel horrible when anyone you like is no longer working, but the reasons behind it had nothing to do with her work. She’s a lovely, strong, gifted actress; I got to work with her on Lost. In a way, I got to be an understudy in this case. I got to watch her work and I got to see what worked. She was so gracious. She sent a message to me through a mutual friend saying, “I wish you absolutely the best. Have fun.” In a way, we got to do the same part together.

THR: In the past several years, you’ve starred in Lost, V and now Revolution. Why are you drawn to mythology-heavy genre projects?

Mitchell: The only thing I can say is, at heart I am a theater actor, it’s what I did for 15 years of my life and I loved it more than anything. This is epic. This is big, huge ideas; this is Prospero. I feel like it gives me a chance to do the kind of work I’m fascinated by, which is ordinary people in extraordinary situations and I get to interact with these people in a very real way. It’s not unbelievable, it’s completely believable. It’s what you imagine as a kid, it’s what you imagine when you’re in acting school. You’re up against these enormous odds and you get to do it every day. That’s probably why I’m drawn to it. It seems more real to me than doing the same things every day.

Original interview by Philiana Ng; courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter (Note: Some unrelated content has been edited by DBK.)